Glenn 'Chico' Resch

"If I wasn't talking, I wouldn't know what to say."
- Chico Resch

Thanks for the memories Chico, enjoy retirement!

Glenn “Chico” Resch announces retirement from the Devils broadcast booth

The (un)Official Fan Page of Glenn 'Chico' Resch

Chico is the reason I am a Devils fan!

Chico Resch in Action
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Born Jul 10 1948 -- Moose Jaw, SASK
Position: Goalie
Caught: Left
Height: 5.09 -- Weight: 165lbs.
Pro Career: 1971 - 1987

Chico Resch - Isles

Whether it was his on ice anticts, like kissing the goal post after a fortuitous bounce, or his quotable interviews straight out of Yoggi Berra's book, Chico Resch was a fan favorite where ever he played. He's just a goofly likable guy!

One of the most popular TV shows in the 1970's was "Chico and the Man" starring comedian Freddie Prinze, whose wild black hair and Fu-Manchu mustache were the order of the day for may young guys. One man who followed the trend was a goaltender from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan named Glenn Resch. The resemblance between Resch and Prinze was close enough to earn Resch the lockerroom mantle of "Chico".

"Hockey is the only job I know where you get paid to have a nap on the day of the game." - Chico Resch